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Domenico Cornacchia Gets His Persian Fix at Shamshiry

“I like to go to Shamshiry on my day off. This Persian restaurant does a great job with the quality and consistency of their cuisine. The restaurant is definitely tired and needs a face lift, but minus the ambience, the food is absolutely delicious!”

Chef 5 Bites: Domenico Cornacchia

“At Shamshiry, the mast-o-Musir (creamy yogurt with shallots) as an appetizer (you take the lavash bread and scoop up the yogurt!). Also, the tahdig (the crusty part of the basmati rice) topped with one of the daily stewed sauces is a must for starters. For my main dish I always order the Chelo-Kabob Shamshiry, a combination of grilled ground beef kabob and pounded tenderloin kabob served with steaming white basmati rice infused with saffron.”

A Kebab Kind of City

Transcript from the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5 interviewing A.R. Atash-Sobh about Shamshiry

Shamshiry: Best Hidden Gems in DC

“I haven’t been impressed by most of the Persian restaurants in the DC metro area. Having been fortunate enough to have experienced a broad range of home-made Persian food, Shamshiry is the only place that comes close to being authentic.”

Shamshiry: A Persian Gem Hidden Among Commercial Buildings

“We then ordered Chelo Kabob Barg which is supposed to be the finest Persian meat dish and Chicken Kabob. Barg is made of tender Filet Mignon strips cooked over open fire with skewers. It is one of the most delicious meals you can have if you are a meat lover. You may even start to crave it rather than a good steak.”

Shamshiry: Food & Wine Restaurant Scout

“This Persian kabob haven absolutely skewers the competition.”